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Charles M. Schuster

Business communication

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BOLT! was
the very popular operator of 4G (fourth generation standard of cellular telephone technology) Long Term Evolution, known as LTE,
service provider in
Indonesia launched by Internux on November 14, 2013. (Internux, 2017). In December 2014 it was reported
that “KBLV [First Media] officially controls Bolt’s parent shares.” Internux
issued an investment worth 550 million US dollars, or around 6.3 trillion
Indonesian rupiah, to rent BTS towers to
provide mobile devices Wi-Fi on the market.

But despite BOLT!’s popularity things changed, and something went wrong.
For one thing Wi-Fi access became much more easily available in many locations,
but there were other problems and factors that led to the demise of BOLT! The
Jakarta Globe’s rival newspaper The Jakarta Post reported in November 2018 “First Media stops sale of Bolt internet service amid
uncertainty”. This was just after the Communications and Information Ministry revoked the frequency
permits used for the service, which is controlled by the Ministry.


Case Study Indonesia

  • Why Did Bolt! Bolt A Case Study of Bolt!

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Why Did Bolt! Bolt? A Case Study of Bolt!


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