Current Issues in Cross Cultural and Human Resource Management
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Dr. Finn Majlergaard


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We are all different and we feel motivated by different factors depending on our cultural preferences. If we want to leverage the full potential of our team, we must differentiate how we motivate and reward each individual. When you have a culturally diverse team, how will you manage a culturally diverse team, or you feel you need to improve managing a culturally diverse team?

On the other side, as a professional, with globalization, cross culture education has become critically important to businesses. Business people working abroad need to learn subtle differences in style and substance in order to be effective.

This webinar will be delivered in English by Dr. Finn Majlergaard, the CEO of Gugin, helping entrepreneurs and companies around the world to become more successful internationally.

In this webinar you will learn:
• Why do we have cultural clashes in today’s organisations, not only between different nationalities but more often between different age groups, different professional groups and different departments within the same company?
• Why is it important to develop cultural intelligence at all levels in the organisation?
• How can you create a corporate culture that is attractive to future generations of employees and customers?
• You can’t define a new culture and press the “play” button, shaping the corporate culture in the desired direction is far more complex.
• How will industry 4.0 influence human behaviour and cultures?

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Current Issues in Cross Cultural and Human Resource Management


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