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Mitra Pengajar


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The purpose of this topic is to expose students to the concept of brand equity and how it is created. In order to do this, the following questions will be explored: What is brand equity and why is important to organizations? What are the perspectives (models) of brand equity? How do organizations build, measure, manage and grow brand equity? The discussion will aim at helping students to enhance their critical, analytical and evaluative skills with regard to variety of brands. Thus, at the end of the topic, students/learners will be expected to: evaluate the concept of brand equity; critically analyze the importance of brand equity; critique the perspectives of brand equity and evaluate the strategies of building, measuring, managing and growing brand equity. In order to achieve the above expected learning outcomes, students/learners are expected to prepare themselves before the start of the class in terms of: (1) Identifying top/strong (ten) Asian/Indonesian brands, American brands and African brands (2) Identifying the attributes that these brands share in common (3) Identifying unique attributes about these brands (4) Identifying local products/brands at micro-marketing level (5) Can these brands at micro-marketing level become global brands? How? Thus in order for students to derive value and/or achieve expected learner outcomes from this class, they are expected to actively participate in the discussion.


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Creating Brand Equity

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