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StartUp Kongkow: “Validate Your Startup Ideas”

Organized by:

Innovation Factory, BLOCK71 Indonesia, BINUS StartUp Accelerator, and GreatNusa

Business Model Validation is an important key in building the foundation of a startup. Without Business Model Validation, the startup up cannot know for sure if what they are building fits their customers’ needs. Business Model Validation also helps a startup understands whether they tap the right source of income, which is critical to their sustainability.

Ideas that must be validated in the business model as generally about problem validation, solution validation, and market validation. Problem validation, where startups must validate whether the problem really exists or not. Solution validation, a startup needs to ensure the solution that they choose can really answer the problem. Market validation, where a startup needs to measure the extent to which people who have the problem are willing to spend money to get a solution.

Seeing how crucial business model validation is, we want to help startup founders on how to do it. StartUp Kongkow: “Validate Your Startup Ideas” is brought to you by Innovation Factory, BLOCK71 Indonesia, BINUS StartUp Accelerator, and GreatNusa. It is a platform where we can have honest, casual, and intimate conversations with startup players. In this session, we will discuss Startup Business Model Validation with startup founders, Bong Defendy (founder & CEO of ZendMoney) and Pangeran Siahaan (founder & CEO of Asumsi).

This online talk show is held on Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2020 from 15:00 to 16:00 WIB. StartUp Kongkow is completely free. Also, each participant of this event who fills out the feedback form will get an e-certificate. Let’s join us and learn together from the experts!


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StartUp Kongkow Goes to Campus: “Validate Your Startup Ideas”


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