CATEGORY: Manajemen Pemasaran & Penjualan

10 Alternatives Marketing You Should Know in this IR 4.0 Era

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Course Overview

course is a practical course for learners who wants to learn about marketing in
this digital era. Promotion is something that is liked by most consumers, so as
a consumer, we are most definitely often curious about promotions; what
promotions are, what is included in the promotion, why promotion is a fun thing
for us as consumers, then what kind of promotion make consumers interested in
buying it impulsively. Why do you have to be impulsive? Yes, in short,
producers and retailers are very fond of this consumer behavior, including in
the context of producers and retailers in Indonesia, then what about impulsive
behavior in Indonesian people and what is the connection with promotions that
are mostly applied in Indonesia as a strategy in marketing its products in
Indonesia. After studying this, learners are expected to find out more about
promotion tools, how to use them, the best time to apply them and of course,
they can determine who should be exposed to these promotional tools.

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