Transforming Research Idea into Impactful Output

The ability to present a structured idea is very important for academics and professionals. Because this requires individuals to have observation skills, analytical skills and compose into a comprehensive concept. But the next important thing for business is: how to make this structured concept easy to translate and implement into action.

A Theoretically-driven Analytical Visual Persuasion Framework: Analysing Photographs in Sustainability Reports

The paper draws from the theoretical constructs of Peirce’s (1991) visual semiotic system of icon, index and symbol and Aristotle’s (1984) persuasive appeals of ethos, pathos and logos, to develop an explicit three-step visual content analysis for photographic images and their accompanied text/caption. Specific application questions for each step of the analysis are designed as […]

China’s BRI impact on Forest City, Malaysia (Case Study)

As of January 2021, 140 countries have signed a memorandum of understanding with China to allow its Belt and Road Initiative projects with a promise of co-prosperity. Under the former Prime Minister Najib Razak, Malaysia signed multiple investment deals with China, including a well as a $100 billion Forest City in Johor, boasting residential skyscrapers, […]