CATEGORY: Manajemen Operasional

E-Supply Chain Management

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course introduces the ERP system and e-supply chain activities. The mention activities comprise the stage of plan, source, make, deliver and return. IT link and E-SCM support vital role of transforming the
separated supply chain activities into an integrated, coordinated system that is fast, more responsive, flexible, effective and efficient. This subject addresses the procedure for modeling and improving e-SCM
processes, dynamic transshipment, e-commerce and SMEs, managing e-services, service value networks, collaboration tools in supply chain, e-Procurement and e-SCM Application, trading e-coalition modeling for
supply chain, e-supply chain system at Valvex and its integration with ERP systems, information feedback approach  and performance management. In addition, this course provides discussion some issues related
to technology, standard, demand management, cost management and e-supply chain systems on organization or company.

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